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Prorex Micro Spinner Fish TGMicro-Spinnerbait

1/5: Article No. 15153-005 Pictures may differ from the original.
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Very small micro spinnerbait with tungsten body. Runs very steady even in tough currents and catches especially perches and trouts. Due to the silicone ring at the wire, this lure can also easily be fished with swivel and carabiner, without slipping off. Due to the light weight, the Prorex Micro Spinner Jig is also perfectly suited for fishing in vegetated areas. Lead-free.

  • Category: micro-spinnerbait
  • Sinking behaviour: slow sinking
  • Waters: silent & current waters
  • Speed: slow and fast
  • Target fishes: perch, trout, chub


  • Lead-free design
Article No. Color Treble Size Weight
15153-005 chromed orange 10 5.3
15153-105 shiny ayu 10 5.3
15153-305 firetiger 10 5.3
15153-505 katakuchi 10 5.3
15153-705 blue red tail 10 5.3

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