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Morethan 12 Braid EX+SiBraided line | lime green
Saltiga 12 Braid EX+SiBraided line | multi-color
Tournament X8 Braid Evo+Braided line | chartreuse
Tournament X8 Braid Evo+Braided line | dark green
Tournament X8 Braid Evo+Braided line | multi-color
Tournament X8 Braid Evo+Braided line | white
J-Braid Grand X8Braided line | blue
J-Braid Grand X8Braided line | chartreuse
J-Braid Grand X8Braided line | light grey
J-Braid Grand X8Braided line | multi-color
J-Braid X8Braided line | chartreuse
J-Braid X8Braided line | dark green
J-Braid X8Braided line | multi-color
J-Braid X4Braided line | dark green
J-Braid X4Braided line | yellow
Tournament SFMonofilament | grey transparent
Tournament SFMonofilament | green transparent
Tournament FluorocarbonLeader line | clear
J-FluorocarbonLeader line | clear
Exceler MonoMonofilament | clear
Saltiga X'Link Fluorocarbon LeaderLeader line | clear
Saltiga Nylon LeaderLeader line | clear
Prorex UL Finesse BraidBraided line | chartreuse
Prorex Fluorocarbon Super SoftLeader line | clear
N'Zon Sinking Feeder MonoFeeder monofilament | sinking | matt brown
N'Zon Tapered Shock Leadertapered | grey transparent

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