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GrandWave Wolffish Rig Rattlinwith rattles | light green

1/2: GrandWave Wolffish Rig Rattlin | with rattles | light green Pictures may differ from the original.
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The GrandWave Rattlin rig has especially been developed for catching wolffish.

The rattles produce additional attractions, which tempt the wolffish to attacks. The rig should be presented vividly at the ground to produce loud noise.

The special rotation swivels at both sides and the knot protection as well as the tubes at the octopus prevent tangling of the rig during sinking in great depths and at strong currents. Perfect for middle and northern Norway! The big, strong hooks are perfect for baitfish and other natural baits.

Delivered with winder for an optimal storage of the rig after usage.

  • Winder
Article No. Color Rig Length Hook Size Ø Line Ø Side-Arm Content
cm mm mm pc.
16517-260 light green 150.0 5/0 0.80 0.70 1

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