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23 Airity LTSpinning reel

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The most lightweight reel by DAIWA – with Airdrive design!

The 23' Airity features all components of the new Airdrive design concept and provides highest sensitivity and smooth functioning. The CNC cut driving wheel has been coated with a special procedure to enable an even smoother and softer running. By the Airdrive Shaft a low-contact structure is formed at the pinion gear, further reducing the friction at the axis, leading to a silky-smooth and almost completely silent running, which is maintained permanently. The Monocoque design of the magnesium reel body allows the use of a larger gear with improved power transmission and elevated lifespan under high strains. The distortion-proof reel body cares for an optimal housing of the gear unit and permanent smooth running.

The novel Airdrive rotor contributes to a weight reduction in the front part of the reel and improves the balance of reel a rod – a better casting performance and an optimized lure control with incredible sensitivity are the result. By reducing the weight of the rotor, the rotor works with lower starting resistance, resulting in even more instant reactions possible.

The novel hollow Airdrive bail represents an evolutionary step in bail design. More lightweight than the recent DAIWA bails but nevertheless tough enough for years of reliable service.

The wall thickness at the extra-lightweight Airdrive spools have been further reduced to eliminate further unnecessary weight – additionally contributing to a weight reduction at the front part of the reel. The Twistbuster III design at the line roller is perfect for the use of braided lines: it doesn't get compressed during retrieving and less twist is the result. Especially at fishing in salty waters the Magsealed design at the axis and the line roller help to reduce issues with corrosion and dirt particles.


Ball bearings
The Airity LT reels with size 2000 to 2500 are equipped with in total 11 ball bearings, of these 9 CRBB ball bearings. Size 5000 in total features 11 ball bearings, of these 9 CRBB ball bearings and 2 MagSealed ball bearings.

Handle knob
Sizes 2000 to 2500 are equipped with I-Shape handle knob, sizes 3000 to 4000 feature a T-Shape handle knob. Size 5000 features a round aluminum handle knob.

  • AIRDRIVE Design
  • MQ® Monocoque magnesium reel body
  • CNC-machined DIGIGEAR®
  • AIRDRIVE axis
  • ATD™ Type-L drag system
  • AIRDRIVE ABS® longcast spool
  • Twist Buster® III line roller
  • Made in Japan
Article No. Size BB Capacity Ratio Retrieval Drag Weight
MSBB CRBB total m/mm cm kg g
10001-201 2000S-H --- 9 11 150/0.14 5.8:1 76 5.0 145
10001-203 2000S-P --- 9 11 150/0.14 4.9:1 64 5.0 145
10001-250 2500S --- 9 11 150/0.16 5.1:1 72 5.0 150
10001-251 PC 2500 --- 9 11 150/0.20 5.2:1 73 10.0 165
10001-252 PC 2500-H --- 11 11 150/0.20 5.7:1 80 10.0 165
10001-300 3000-H --- 11 11 150/0.23 5.7:1 85 10.0 175
10001-351 PC 3000 --- 11 11 150/0.23 5.2:1 77 10.0 185
10001-400 4000-XH --- 11 11 150/0.28 6.2:1 99 10.0 200
10001-500 5000D-CXH 2 9 11 150/0.40 6.2:1 105 10.0 205

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