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Spinning rod 


The Bay Area Commander is literally made for fishing for sea trouts – with this rod you can cast spoons of up to 30g effortlessly towards the horizon the whole day long. The rod features a tremendous elasticity and enables greater casting distances than you are used to with much longer rods! The distinct tip action in combination with the X45 carbon fiber construction buffers every headbutt perfectly! This rod is also ideally suited for light jigging with soft plastic lures for perch and zander.


Jerkbait rod 


The Jerking Commander offers a variety of possible applications. No matter if you are twitching with very small plugs for perch or jigging with small soft plastic lures for zander – this rod is suitable for a wide diversity of different fishing styles. The Jerking Commander features a distinct tip action and catapults lures of 20g to enormous distances. The original DAIWA Megatop tip is completely made of carbon fiber and helps passing every tap right to the handle instantaneously. This rod is also perfectly suited for fishing with small spoons for sea trouts!



Sea trout rod 


These blanks have especially been built for fishing for sea trouts and thus perfectly load even when used with castings weights of 10g and reach great casting distances with spoons and plugs. During the fight the fast blanks opens up to a semi-parabolic bending curve and thus absorbs flights and headbutts of powerful salmonids. The V-joint spigot joint ensures a very even bending curve under strain.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Sea trout rod 


For ambitions fishing for lake and sea trouts the Exceler Spin series offers a distinct model, which has been particularly conceived for spin fishing over long distances. The semi-parabolic blank excellently loads during the cast and allows enormous casting distances with lures from 15-40g. The soft action of the tip buffers sudden flights, headbutts and jumps easily, especially in the close distance, and reliably prevents unhooking. Thanks to the convenient handling this rod allows fatigue-free fishing over hours.



Jigging rod 


With the Team DAIWA Pilk, DAIWA presents a range of premium saltwater jigging rods, which have been designed according to the requirements of Norway as well as of the Baltic and North Sea. The tip action perfectly absorbs head shocks of cod and friends and therefore reduces the threat of losses. The slim and lightweight HVF carbon fiber blank offers huge power reserves to force even large cods to the surface uncompromisingly. The Fuji K-guides reliably prevent tanglings at the guides by their special frame design.

This model is available in 7 specifications


Travel jigging rod 


The brand Team DAIWA synonymously stands for reliability and quality since many years. The HVF carbon fiber blank, Fuji Alconite K-guides, the original Fuji reel seat and a premium Hard-EVA piece at the handle are only a few components, which underline the high quality standards of these multi-sectioned travel rods. Like the established two-sectioned series, also the three multi-sectioned models feature exemplary properties regarding action and handling. The very low weight in combination with the strong but nevertheless slim blanks ensure almost entirely fatigue-free fishing.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Spinning rod 


With the Team DAIWA Air our engineers succeeded in developing another series of premium longcast spinning rods with exceptional features. The extremely lightweight and fast HVF carbon fiber blank enables a well-balanced handling and cares for an extraordinary casting performance.The X45 carbon fiber construction enables an even bending curve and optimum power transmission during the fight.

This model is available in 5 specifications


Sea and lake trout rod 


The Silver Creek sea trout rods are built on HMC+ blanks and feature extremely pleasant handling properties. At the cast these distance weapons perfectly load and display almost no torque at all. At the fight the fast blanks open up to a semi-parabolic action – perfect for reacting to fierce flights of large salmonids.

This model is available in 4 specifications


Jigging rod 


The range of the Seahunter X jigging rods offers a selection of sea fishing rods for fishing in the Baltic and North Sea as well as for light fishing in Norway and Iceland. The strong blanks with tip action perfectly absorb the flights of cod & Co. Thanks to the firm spigot joint an even bending curve is ensured.

This model is available in 6 specifications


Sea trout rod 


The Seahunter X Sea Trout is the perfect rod for fishing for sea trout at the German Baltic Sea or the Scandinavian shoreline. The slim and well-balanced blank is pleasant to handle and offers enough power reserves to land also large specimen securely. Due to the semi-parabolic action, the HMC+ blank fully loads at the cast and catapults plugs and spoons reliably to long distances.


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