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Jig spinning rod 


With the Tournament SW AGS Jigger rods DAIWA offers dedicated rods for fishing for perch, zander, trout and chub with small to medium softbaits. The extremely fast action of these premium rods transmits every contact with fish and ground straightly into the handle section, which allows an instant reaction.

This model is available in 5 specifications


Spinning rod 


The Tournament SW rods have particularly been designed for fishing with shads and feature a distinct tip action and a stiff blank to enable a perfect lure presentation – you feel even softest taps and can set the hook easily also over long distances. The exclusive DAIWA AGS guides made of carbon fiber are incredibly lightweight and transmit every tap straight to your hands.

This model is available in 7 specifications


Spinning rod 


Thanks to the great demand for a Morethan Branzino AGS version with a higher casting weight, we and our japan engineers in Tokyo developed a version which is made for medium sized soft plastic lures for fishing for pike and zander. The use of SVF Compile-X carbon fiber material in connection with the exclusive DAIWA AGS carbon fiber guides enables the construction of an incredible light and fast rod - you probably won`t find this quality and these features anywhere else. An exceptional feeling in combination with best components - made by DAIWA!



Spinning rod 


Morethan – this brand stands as synonym for the most modern technology at rod design, premium processing and strictly best rod components from DAIWA. With the newest rods of the Morethan Branzino AGS series DAIWA presents four special rods, which meet the highest expectations. By applying and combining exclusive DAIWA technologies like Super Compile-X carbon fiber, 3DX carbon fiber material, X45 carbon fiber construction, Nanoplus material and ultra-lightweight AGS carbon fiber guides extremely fast and distortion-proof rods have been created, which are incredibly lightweight and well-balanced.

This model is available in 4 specifications


Spinning rod 


Since years the name Morethan stands as synonym for highest quality at rod design from the DAIWA Japan range. All blanks have been equipped with the latest rod design technology by Japanese DAIWA engineers and in combination with the exclusive AGS carbon fiber guides offer an incredible feeling and sensitivity at fishing.

This model is available in 5 specifications


Spinning rod 


Premium shad rods from DAIWA! The Morethan Shad Attack rods have been especially designed for fishing with shads and feature strictly components of highest quality. The extremely fast and lightweight SVF carbon fiber blank transmits every lure action as well as contact with fishes and ground straight to the angler – perfect for scanning the bottom structure and react to soft taps instantly. The X45 technology at the blank reduces torque to a minimum and allows very long and accurate casts. The V-Joint spigot joint enables the manufacturing of extremely slim blanks and additionally provides a perfect bending curve.

This model is available in 6 specifications


Spinning rod 


The Bay Area Commander is literally made for fishing for sea trouts – with this rod you can cast spoons of up to 30g effortlessly towards the horizon the whole day long. The rod features a tremendous elasticity and enables greater casting distances than you are used to with much longer rods! The distinct tip action in combination with the X45 carbon fiber construction buffers every headbutt perfectly! This rod is also ideally suited for light jigging with soft plastic lures for perch and zander.


Spinning rod 


This sensitive and delicate rod with original DAIWA Megatop tip, which is exclusively made of pure carbon fiber, detects even softest bites. The Short Bite Commander is optimally suited for the presentation of small shads, jigs, small plugs etc. for fishing for perch and zander. This rod only weights 120g and supports enduring effortless fishing. The strong backbone buffers also flights and headbutts of big fishes perfectly – ideal when small lures and high sensitivity are required.



Jerkbait rod 


The Jerking Commander offers a variety of possible applications. No matter if you are twitching with very small plugs for perch or jigging with small soft plastic lures for zander – this rod is suitable for a wide diversity of different fishing styles. The Jerking Commander features a distinct tip action and catapults lures of 20g to enormous distances. The original DAIWA Megatop tip is completely made of carbon fiber and helps passing every tap right to the handle instantaneously. This rod is also perfectly suited for fishing with small spoons for sea trouts!



Spinning rod 


The Shooting Commander is perfectly suited for fishing with light and medium soft plastic lures for pike and zander. The SVF carbon fiber blank is very lightweight and perfectly balanced and thus enables comfortable fishing for hours. The distinct tip action in combination with the X45 carbon fiber construction allows extreme casting distances and great precision. Due to the high carbon fiber content you can feel every contact to the bottom right up to the handle and, thus, also can instantly respond to even slightest taps. If you are searching for a real longcast miracle with outstanding processing quality, this rod is the proper choice!


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