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Telescopic trout rod 


The noble Legalis Trout rods have been especially designed for the use in trout ponds. The slim blanks are exceptionally well-balanced and allow very good casting distances with Sbirolinos or Bombardas. The sensitive tip cares for an optimal bite detection and together with the semi-parabolic action leads to a harmonic bending curve. Thus, quick flights are absorbed easily and the rod is protected from overloading.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Pole rod 


The Team DAIWA Power Pole rods expand the DAIWA pole range with a valuable and perfectly-balanced series. The powerful blank made of HVF carbon fiber material is pleasant to handle and – thanks to the strong backbone – allows to control also large specimen safely during the fight with the fish. Available in length of five, six and seven meters these modern rods can be used in ponds as well as in lakes for medium-sized carps, breams and roach.

This model is available in 3 specifications


All-round rod 


The comprehensive Procaster all-round rod range from DAIWA comprises fitting models for almost all types of fishing with natural baits in domestic waters.

This model is available in 14 specifications


Carp rod 


At the Emblem carp series, modern technology of rod construction meets premium and innovative components. The slim and tight HVF carbon fiber blanks are equipped with TDG premium steel guides. Due to these lightweight guides and the premium carbon fiber material, the design of rods with very fast action and ideal resilience is possible – long and extremely precise casts are the consequence.

This model is available in 5 specifications


Pole rod 


These lightweight and well-processed rods offer an incredible price-performance ratio and convince at first sight. The carbon fiber blanks of these poles are extremely lightweight and well-balanced and offer enough backbone to securely land also larger specimen.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Telescopic all-round rod 


The DAIWA Procaster tele rods add five premium telescopic rods to the successful detachable rod series. The very light and well-balanced blanks offer a fast action with great resilience. The bending curve under strain is similar to the one of a detachable rod and guarantees a save and sensitive fighting with the fish. The slim solid carbon fiber tip is nearly unbreakable under normal fishing conditions and, in combination with the semi-parabolic action of the blank, has great casting properties when using light floats and sinkers.

This model is available in 5 specifications


Spinning rod 


The perfect choice for ambitious specialists! With the Procyon spinning rods DAIWA offers an extensive range of premium spinning rods for many different target fish and fields of application.

This model is available in 12 specifications


Travel spinning rod 


The Procyon rod series also comprises four shortly divided rods, which can conveniently be stored at travelling. The compact pack size of 67cm or 75cm allows easy transportation in the suitcase or rucksack. Perfectly designed V-Joint connections care for an even bending curve and provide additional toughness. The balance and action are hard to distinguish from a premium two-sectioned spinning rod.

This model is available in 4 specifications


Spinning rod 


The UL rods from the Procyon series are equipped with spliced-in solid carbon fiber tip and power backbone. Consequently, these rods exhibit the perfect characteristics to target remote spots also with small lures of only 3–12g and to set the hook over long distances. The soft tip is ideally suited for sensitive bite detection with the Cheburashka rig. Any contact with the lure, bottom or fish is instantly transmitted to the handle section, enabling the scanning of bottom structures and the immediate reaction to even softest taps.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Spinning rod 


Extremely lightweight and perfectly balanced rod. The SVF carbon fiber blank features a pronounced tip action with strong backbone and is ideally suited for fishing with soft plastic lures for zander. Soft plastic lures from 7-14cm with light and medium jigheads can be cast to extreme distances – the stiff blank transmits every contact with the bottom and every tap reliably! Also ideal for fishing for sea trouts with spoons about 25g!


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