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Spinning Reel 


Perfectly blending two of DAIWA’s key reel technologies, 20' Luvias is born. Sophisticated, subtle and classy, 20' Luvias is true to the famous name which DAIWA fans have grown to love over its long and famous history.

This model is available in 7 specifications


Spinning reel 


A king amongst men, Certate has always set a standard in poise and power, and the release of the 19' Certate LT elevates those traits to a new level. A level of refinement and strength rarely achieved and seldom seen. Meticulously designed, unwavering in strength, and unmatched in performance and longevity Certate has always been synonymous with innovation and the new Certate LT heralds a new dawn and a new era, where Certate is Next Strong.

This model is available in 10 specifications


Spinning reel 


The 18' Exist LT is featuring Japanese technology at its best - made by DAIWA.

DAIWA's new milestone in reel construction is produced with the new LT (Light & Tough) concept and provides all technical features and benefits that distinguish DAIWA quality.The cold-forged Tough Digigear drive gear has been completly re-designed to cope also with the hardest strains during heavy and frequent fishing. The smooth rotation will remain smooth for the lifetime under normal fishing conditions. The gearing noise during retreive is virtually eliminated to the lowest level and will support you in concentrating on your fishing.

This model is available in 8 specifications


Spinning reel 


With the 17' Morethan we present an excellent premium model from the DAIWA Japan range. The Morethan features almost all technical revolutions, which our DAIWA engineers have established during the last years and combines highest durability with optimum running and highest precision. The ATD drag system ensures an instant release of the selected drag power without starting resistance. The CNC cut aluminum handle is firmly screwed at the driving wheel, leaving no room for gaps while the both MagSealed ball bearings at the side axis in combination with the MagSealed mechanism at the main shaft reliably prevent the intrusion of water and dirt particles into the reel body.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Big pit carp reel 


The Basia 45 SCW QD unites almost all technical attributes, which are required from a premium and tough carp reel. The lightweight Zaion reel body is the foundation of the securely housed gear and guarantees permanently smooth running while the thick axis is milled of special stainless steel and easily resists the high strains of long range carp fishing. The Slow Cross Wrap line lay teaming up with the longcast spool edge is a key requirement for the elevation to the next level of casting performances.



Big Pit carp reel 


The Basia 45 SLD QD has been completely revised and now features many new details especially for the European market. For example the spool of the new Basia 45 SLD QD has been milled somewhat deeper to enhance the line capacity – the new spool now offers space for 300m 0.35mm! The main shaft is made of stainless steel and is considerably tougher than at the previous model. The decent black design with reel wood handle knob makes this reel a real highlight!



Feeder reel 


The N'Zon Plus reel series also features the LT concept and offers everything to expect from a reliable premium reel for heavy feeder fishing.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Spinning reel 


With the 17' Prorex LT series DAIWA presents a new generation of reels – the LT concept enables the design of ultra-lightweight reels, which are more durable and stronger than ever before. The Zaion reel body cares for an ultra-safe housing of the drive and thus guarantees permanently silky-smooth running. The new LT concept allows a drastic reduction regarding weight while increasing the power and robustness at the same time. The 17' Prorex LT 2500D only weighs marvelous 175g and thus is among the most lightweight reels on this planet!

This model is available in 4 specifications


Spinning reel 


Spinning reel

The novel LT concept enables the construction of ultra-lightweight reels, which are stronger and more strainable than ever before. The Prorex V LT has especially been constructed for the application with thin braided lines. The spool’s depth is particularly designed for a lower capacity, thus preventing the need for too much expensive braided line to fill it properly.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Spinning reel 


The Prorex X LT offers exclusive DAIWA technologies at an outstanding price-performance-ratio. By application of the LT design the reel’s weight could distinctly be reduced compared to common spinning reels. At the same time the use of the new Tough Digigear considerably optimizes power transmission as well as the gear’s lifespan. An enduring, silky-smooth running is thus guaranteed.

This model is available in 6 specifications

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