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Feeder rod 


The N'Zon Z rods convince by their fast action and their perfect balance! By using HVF Nanoplus carbon fiber material we succeeded in achieving lightweight but nevertheless tough blanks, which resile very quick and allow highly accurate casts. With over 15 different models the N'Zon Z series covers the whole range of feeder fishing from fishing close the shore to long distance feeder fishing and method feeder fishing.

This model is available in 17 specifications


Feeder rod 


The N'Zon S feeder rods offer perfect casting characteristics and high durability at an astonishing price-performance ratio! Thanks to the application of HVF carbon fiber material the design of lightweight but at the same time durable blanks was possible, which quickly resile at the cast and allow accurate casts. The Armlock handle section can be firmly grabbed during the fight.

This model is available in 15 specifications


All-round rod 


With the Legalis rods, DAIWA offers also all-round rods with modern design. The semi-parabolic high modulus carbon fiber blank has been especially designed for the use of natural baits. The blank supports the application of these kind of baits, since it gently casts thawed baitfish, dough and other delicate hookbaits to far remote spots. The application of premium EVA material at the handle section contributes to the convenient handling of these rods.

This model is available in 7 specifications


Eel rod 


The Crossfire Eel models with spliced-in glass fiber tip have been especially designed for fishing for eel with natural baits, but can also be perfectly applied for ground fishing for trout, chub or burbot.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Coregone rod 


The DAIWA Twilight Specialist Coregone has been developed with support from our coregone specialists from Germany and Austria. The goal at the construction of these rods was the design of lightweight and sensitive rods, which absorb every headbutt into the handle section. Despite highest sensitivity these rods are really quick and offer enough backbone to set the hook without delay. A suchlike conceived action represents a big advantage when fishing for coregones and chars in depths below 20m, since hooking is drastically improved compared to the use of softer rods.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Carp rod 


With the Cast'Izm carp rods, DAIWA offers a completely revised version of a well established rod series. The blanks of the Cast'Izm rods are made of latest, high-modular HVF carbon fiber. The X45 technology builds a supportive framework and prevents an unwanted distortion during the cast due to the special winding of the carbon fibers at an angle of 0°, 90° and 45°. The resulting basic tension thanks to the X45 technology enables a faster resilience and makes the blank more durable – very long and precise casts even under tough circumstances at the waters are possible without problems.

This model is available in 12 specifications


Carp rod 


The Basiair Carp now features an even stronger backbone for an optimized casting performance – the perfect rod for all distance hunters. The combination of SVF carbon fiber and 3DX carbon fiber enables the construction of very slim blanks with an ultimately high resilience – ideal for targeted casts.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Carp rod 


The Shogun XR carp rods offer exceptional casting performance and extremely fast, slim blanks.The premium HMC+ carbon fiber blank instantly resiles to the starting position after the cast and enables long and accurate casts. The rod features a distinct tip action with strong backbone and provides enormous reserves for the fight. The Shogun XR is perfectly balanced and is equipped with all features, you expect from a premium carp rod.

This model is available in 3 specifications


Carp rod 


Slim, fast, accurate and great power reserves – these are the features of this Windcast carp rod series from DAIWA. All blanks have been completely redesigned and are faster, more lightweight and more accurate compared to the previous models. The slim 3K Woven carbon fiber blank is well-balanced and offers enough power reserves to control also large specimen over long distances.

This model is available in 9 specifications


Carp rod 


The Windcast Traditional feature the same blank as the Windcast series but are equipped with a classic cork handle. Very classy and fast rods with progressive action and timeless design.

This model is available in 6 specifications

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