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Special bag 

DAIWA Foldable EVA Bag

Model 15809-1..

These DAIWA multiloaders are intended for the safe and dry transportation of supplies and small parts as well as clothes, shoes etc. Additionally you easily can transport your catch with these bags! The material is 100% waterproof and the bags can be conveniently folded for space-saving transportation. The anti-smell material can be cleaned easily.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Special Bag 

N'ZON Reel Bag

Model 13405-070

This strengthened reel bag offers perfect protection of expensive reels during transportation – ideal when spare reels need to be taken along. Fitting for reels up to LT size 6000.



Special bag 

N'ZON EVA System Set

Model 13305-000

The N'Zon EVA system set contains 8 pieces with differently sized boxes for bait, groundbait as well as feeders, leads and additional accessories. The smaller boxes fit exactly into the big main bag and thus can be stored and transported easily. Six boxes have a clear lid with zipper, two are open.



Special bag 

N'ZON EVA Accessory Case Set

Model 13305-090

Three-pieced set for the storage of different baits, maggots and particles. With strengthened rim and lid with zipper. Both smaller boxes can be inserted into the big one for transportation.



Special bag 

N'ZON EVA Accessory Case Set XL

Model 13305-095

This set contains three big lure boxes with lid and zipper. For accessories, groundbait, maggots, pellets, etc. The big box is specially made for feeder groundbait. Both smaller boxes fit exactly into the big one for transportation. With strengthened rim.



Special bag 

N'ZON EVA Bait Bowl Set XL

Model 13305-086

This set contains three lure boxes for groundbait, maggots, pellets etc. The big box is specially made for groundbait in a feeder. Both smaller boxes fit exactly into the big one for transportation.



Cool bag 

Cool Bag

Model 15809-350

Large carryall with a capacity of 48l and isolating function. Made of water-repellent material – perfect for usage as big transportation-bag for diverse small and large parts. Due to the special insulating layer also perfectly suited for the transport of food and caught fishes. The interior can easily be cleaned by using water and a brush. With large zipper and padded shoulder strap. The big front pocket is very well suited for storage of documents etc.



Rod Accessory 


Model 15800-005

The DAIWA harness is appropriate for sea fishing and for catfish fishing. Thanks to its construction all kind of rods can be used – a gimbal is not necessary. Very light weight and with minimal storage requirements – perfect for travelling by plane. Delivered in transport bag.



Special bag 

N'ZON EVA Keep Net Bag

Model 13305-100

The N'Zon kepping net bag offers space for two keeping nets and a landing net head. The material prevents the soaking out of moisture and odor until the content is removed for drying. With strengthened upper rim, zipper, carrying handle and shoulder strap.


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