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Landing net 

BLACK WIDOW Carp Landing Net

Model 11579-180/-185

The Black Widow carp landing net comes in two versions - the 1-piece carbon fiber landing net handle with 1.8m is perfectly suited for usage from the bank. The telescopic version of 180cm can be transported space-saving and ensures save landings from the bank as well as from the boat. The 8mm soft-mesh net has a depth of 105cm and offers enough space for biggest fish.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Landing net 

CROSSCAST Carp Landing Net

Model 11561-175/-180

The Crosscast carp landing nets with 180cm come in both, one- and two-piece versions. Both handles are made from 3k woven carbon fibre and are light and durable. They also both have a 30cm long EVA shrink grip making them easy to hold even with wet fingers. The two-piece handle can be used from the bank in its longer length and at its shorter length being perfect for boat fishing. The 8mm soft mesh net is 105cm in depth and offers enough space for biggest fish.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Unhooking mat 

PROREX Unhooking Mat & Weigh Sling

Model 15814-003

Very big and fish-protecting unhooking mat with weighing function. The scale can be mounted easily to the eyelets at the hand strap. The padding spares the fishing during weighing. With extra-big corrosion-free plastic zippers. The material doesn’t absorb water and can be cleaned easily.



Landing Net 

N'ZON Fast Flow Landing Net Head

Model 13410-055

This landing net head is perfectly suited for fishing in currents. The somewhat wider meshes slide through the water without resistance and thus facilitate the landing. The mesh material nearly absorbs no water.



Landing Net 

N'ZON Nano Mesh Landing Net Head

Model 13415-055

Classical all-round landing net head. The Nano-Mesh net material absorbs no water and can be dried easily by shaking. The landing net head is extremely lightweight and robust! Also big fish will find space in this landing net!




N'ZON Pellet Net Landing Net Head

Model 13420-050

This landing net head has really fine meshes to prevent slipping out of pellets and hooks, which can cause tanglings. This landing net head is extremely lightweight and robust!



Landing net 

PROREX Folding Boat Net

Model 15809-570/-580

This premium and highly strainable boat landing net can be folded easily for a simplified transportation. Ideal when the landing net cannot remain on the boat and has to be transported regularly.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Landing net 


Model 15809-610/-680

Extremely strong and strainable boat landing net with a head made of milled aluminum. A 70cm measuring tape is engraved to the 1.2m net handle, which is made of thicker material than usual to guarantee maximum robustness.

This model is available in 2 specifications


Landing net 

PROREX Landing Net

Model 15809-775

This landing net offers optimal protection of the fish. The net material is composed of a soft elastic rubber mixture, which perfectly prevents injuries of the fish’s mucosa as well as tanglings of the hook tip with the net material. The rubberized net doesn’t absorb any moisture and can be cleaned easily. The handle section can be extended easily telescopically during the fight with the fish to ensure a secure landing of the fish.



Landing net 

PROREX Wading Net

Model 15809-745

Premium wading landing net with extra soft, lightweight net with silicone coating. The net’s size of 55x45x40cm offers enough space even for biggest fish. The extremely soft silicone coating is highly protective for the fish’s mucosa, doesn’t absorb moisture and odor and can be cleaned easily – additionally the silicone coated net is much more lightweight than usual nets with rubber coating!


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