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DAIWA - Feel Alive.

The rising concern of the society with topics of ecology and sustainability has led to an increased impact of environmental and health relevant issues in the social context. Especially in these times, we envision ourselves as service provider, enabling everyone to enter into an exchange with nature, thus providing the possibility to consider this a unique and joyful recreational pursuit, which we should also enable to our offspring.

We would like to equip everyone with the opportunity, to discover the abundance of experiences nature has to offer with all senses. To realize this goal we aim to develop sport fishing from a classical hobby to a lifetime sport, which can be exerted as well as experienced cross-generational. As the leading manufacturer in the fishing tackle industry, we will continue to act as innovation leader also in the future and will further communicate and spread the joy and pleasure fishing has to offer.

We want to develop the social environment for the fishing sport, and provide a matching style, which fits to modern life styles. For that purpose we will develop new and innovative products and services.

As healthy as jogging or yoga, as simple as camping or barbecuing – fishing enables us to get into intensive exchange with nature. The vision we together want to create for the future, is to anchor sport fishing as a lifetime sport.

Also in the future we will promote innovations regarding new materials and technologies and provide the best possible quality. DAIWA is firmly convinced that only the highest possible degree of satisfaction, paired with high quality products can ensure the success of the manufacturer.

The orientation of the premium brand DAIWA is communicated by the distinct design language concerning brand appearance and brand logo. Our claim puts this orientation in words.

Brand nameDAIWA Logo_1.jpg
Brand logo
DAIWA Brand Logo_neu.jpg

Brand claimFeel Alive.
  • The experience of a great moment
  • The sense of excitement spreading throughout the body
  • All our innovations enable and support these experience

We will continue to master new challenges, to facilitate even more excitement and experiences through sport fishing.


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